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Visit to Najaf
Tuesday - July 11, 2017 15:18

Thanks to all in Najaf for such a lovely visit.

When my husband first started working in Najaf for Copperchase I was very concerned. After 4 months he invited me & our 13 year old son to visit him. He wouldn’t do that unless it was totally safe. We have just returned (July 2017) and found the experience very refreshing. He is in a very safe and comfortable compound with Iraqi’s and Expats in it.

We have lived with my husband in the Middle East for 4 years previous to him working in Iraq. The Iraqi’s that I met were the friendliest locals in the Middle Eastern region and really did everything they could to make us feel welcome and comfortable, especially Anmar.

We had great food (I learned to make Arabic bread thanks to Abu Hamza Baker) and met a lot of people that were greatly appreciative of our visit to their country. For example, I've never had Security guys smile and welcome me to their country before. I look forward to my next visit when we will do far more touristic activity now that I understand that the welcoming nature of the people and country.

Thanks again to everybody that we met, we did really enjoy the visit.

Kind regards,